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As the title says, we should fling some RP hooks around and see what we come up with! I'll start.

I've a somewhat vague idea for a mini-plot where kids are disappearing--leaving for school or going out to play, or whatever, and never coming back. Jett suggested something holiday-themed so of course my thought is to set it in Icicle Inn. It's small, it's isolated, it's snowy, and it can be the Final Fantasy equivalent of an unassuming town in Maine or Massachusetts. The villain (or villains) I have in mind is/are one-shot and therefore readily disposable, but still have a reason and motive to exist. It's nothing complicated, really, just a short little thing with the potential for some investigation, a spot of heroics and general awesomeness. If anyone would be interested, I'd be happy to solidify it further--and, of course, if anyone has an idea for some other plot they'd like to set into motion, post it! If my characters wouldn't be involved in it, I'll happily make up some NPCs who would. :3

Speaking of characters, I think it might also help to get something going if we posted any goals we might have for ours--not just goals the character has, necessarily, but also stuff that the player would like to happen. For instance, I want to involve Nanaki with the other FF7 characters. I think he's hung around Spira for quite long enough; he needs to go somewhere else, like, I don't know, back to Planetia. Ditto Citan. Well, not the part about other FF7 characters, because he is not an FF7 character, but he's too happy to sit in Rabanastre drawing up plans for things that are so ambitious they'd make Leonardo da Vinci raise an eyebrow. He needs to get out more, maybe make friends and influence people. You are smart enough to know how to do this, Citan.

Kuja. Ummm. Kuja. I feel like I should have more ideas for him, especially since he appears to be the only villain left, but I don't. As much as I love the foppish bastard, I'm currently drawing a blank with him. You all know what he's like, so just take a business card and call him if you need anything blown up, invaded, set alight by a cranky dragon, bought out, politicked to death, run into the ground with sōkaiya-level extortion tactics and general dickery, or, alternately, if you need to throw a fantastic party.

And with the end of that incredibly long ramble, feel free to respond with your own incredibly long comment! Please. Then I won't look so much like Fenimore Cooper.
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