Kuja (immoralkuja) wrote in shivadancingooc,

Sooo my computer died. Actually, it remains dead but I now have an un-dead computer to do internet things with, which means I can actually be around! So hello to whoever's still kicking about here. :3
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Wow welcome back :D It's been sooo slow lately ^.^||
Hey! :D Looks like it has, BUT I WILL BE AROUND ANYWAY. I am just so rusty at this RPing thing now.
I know what you mean. Pretty much all the threads I made are inactive now x.x|| And we have had NO villains in ages! It's ridiculously hard to play in a game where it's entirely peaceful.
Aw hell. Even Seph cleared out? Nooo. :(

I don't know how many of us are left, but we could always do something kinda tabletop-ish and take turns running plots for each other. We wouldn't need a ton of players that way, just NPCs, so some pretty awesome stuff could still happen outside the immediate scope of our characters. Just a thought! I actually haven't done much tabletop gaming, but when I have GMing always looked pretty fun.
Yeah even I have to admit that it's pretty strange to have a Cloud and no Sephiroth. The gaming thing though, that sounds kind of cool actually. I love ttrpgs and I've really been missing them lately because all our gaming groups have gone on hiatus for various reasons. ^.^

I can tell you that running one on here will be much easier than running a game IRL. You don't have to keep track of everyone's hp or roll die for monster encounters here >D
Indeed! I could never get used to the dice-rolling, but I did enjoy the plot-building and general awesomeness. Could be fun to try something like it without all the mechanics. :3 I'm sure our characters all have goals that we can play around with.
*nodnod* I'll have Sker read our conversation too. ^.^ The holidays are here so maybe we could do something with that?
Krampusnacht! (I guess that's tomorrow night, actually. Uncanny timing.)

Okay, probably not, but I'm sure we could kick something up. XD I've the feeling that Kuja spends his holidays getting uproariously drunk and being generally useless lazy awesome, so if there's anything in particular you guys wanna do I will volunteer myself to run something. :D
Ah drunken mages. Makes me wish I were playing Deis/Bleu somewhere :DD We should drag Kris into this conversation. I think she's been getting lax about checking here since things have been so slow.

I'm up for pretty much anything. Maybe there can be a myth about a Fat Chocobo that delivers presents to good little childrens (and moogles) >D
And, of course, Tonberry can bring coal to the bad ones! What do you mean that knife isn't made of coal?

I agree. The more people we can get onboard, the better. :D If I can reset my damn AIM password we could revive the chatroom too. (...I really need to stop letting my computer remember everything for me.)
kekeke If you're good then Fat Chocobo will come and bring you gifts! But if you're naughty...Tonberry King will come and take you away! >D
That star above his head is like an anglerfish's lure! The bad kids follow it and then they get lost in the Northern Crater forever.
It's true! I was one of those children! :O
Hey, it's not so bad once you get used to it. There are boiling geysers to keep you warm and Movers to play with, and the Mako deposits are so pretty!

Just...stay away from everything that has a pulse.
Oh yeah I remember those colory glowy things. I thought they were candy and now half my body is made of crystal :D
Now we know why Sephiroth is stuck in a wall of it when you find him in the Crater. That whole falling-into-the-Lifestream thing? Pffth. He thought they were candy too!
Of course! It all makes sense now! He was just embarrassed so he made up the whole "fell in the lifestream" thing to cover his childhood shame >D
Hey! :D