Citan Uzuki (ordinarydoctor) wrote in shivadancingooc,
Citan Uzuki


Wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive, just going through one major upheaval after another and have been left without much time for the internet. I suck, I know. ._. I doubt it really matters, but here is my litany of character excuses and/or updates:

Citan is probably off fighting Malboros somewhere that is not the Deep Sea Research Center.

Nanaki probably is too, actually.

Kuja is...I dunno, off in his palace sulking because his BFF Seph isn't around anyore? Lawl.

I am so, so sorry for my flakiness. I hope to actually be able to RP sometime soon, but I will continue to be on sporadically at best until my life settles down and at this point I'm kind of wondering if and when it ever will.
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