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Emails have been sent out to all members regarding activity. Please respond to them. Taken/Available character pages will be updated as I get information.

I'd really like to try and get everything updated before the next round of app_this_plz goes up so we can try and recruit new blood.

Confirmed Stays:
Kristina - Squall, Blank, Fran, Denzel, Riku.
Jeff - Biggs, Zack, Al Cid, Balthier, Zax.
Bethany - Selphie, Quistis.
Callie - Kadaj.
Jett - Rachel, Rinoa, Lightning, Aqua, Naminé.
Sker - Shadow, Cloud, Snow, Sora.
Jonathan - Leon, Gau, Kefka.
Christine - Terra, Yuffie.
Mike - Sabin.
Sibassius - Nanaki, Kuja, Citan. (Slowatus)

Confirmed Drops:
Jessy - Kairi, Naminé.
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